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News of activities involving the Malawi Seattle Association covering events
and development in Washington State as well as in Malawi.

MSA-WOSUB Assists Breast Cancer Patient

Probably one of the most vibrant groups of Malawian women in the diaspora, the MSA Women of Substance Group (MSA-WOSUB) mobilizes resources for women and girls facing extreme circumstances in Malawi.

When Chikondi Kazembe (in picture) was, in early 2021, diagnosed with breast cancer and needed urgent medical treatment in India, MSA-WOSUB quickly mobilized itself to participate in the fundraising effort that was launched in Malawi.

The group is now turning its attention to assisting girls farcing extreme hardship in pursuit of their education.

for Schools Connectivity

As a community with roots in Malawi stays connected to the motherland by supporting community programs in Malawi.

Among others, MSA has partnered with the Mzuzu- based Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) to bring internet to Secondary School computer labs in the country.

Currently, no public school is connected to the internet. As a result, students in Malawi spent a whole year without access to learning after schools were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MSA is raising funds in the US to facilitate online learning especially in times of long-term shutdowns

Malawi Central Bank Dates MSA Community

The Reserve Bank of Malawi in conjunction with Malawi Investments and Trade and The Embassy of Malawi in The United States (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) engaged Malawians and Friends living in the Northwest on various investment opportunities that currently exist in Malawi for the Diaspora community.

The Malawi delegation was lead by Dr. Grant Kabango (then Deputy Governor, Economics & Regulations) and Mr. Clement Kumbemba (Chief Executive, MITC) as well as the Malawi Ambassador to the US, Mr. Edward Sawerengera, who came to visit the community.

This was a historic event which took place on December 18th, 2017. the meeting was attended by Malawians in Washington State as well several members of the Zambian in the state.

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