Getting Involved

We believe we are member of of the global village. That is why we remain committed
to being involved in the causes and passions of others in community

Being Part of Washington State
MSA Volunteer Program

MSA provides voluntary work to support charity organizations in the state. These include HopeLink, Seattle Gospel, Food Bank among others.

Staying Rooted in Malawi
Partnering with Local NGOs

Working with the Centre for Youth and
Development (CYD) based in Mzuzu, Northern Malawi to bring connectivity to Secondary School computer labs countrywide.

Powering Sisterhood
MSA Women of Substance

MSA Women of Substance Group (MSA-WOSUB) mobilizes resources for women and girls facing extreme circumstances in Malawi

Our Partners

From clothing and food banks in Seattle to girls and women under special circumstances in Malawi, MSA is expanding its network of partners to ensure it stays involved where there is the most need in the communities it is rooted in

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